“Always a leap ahead”: Meet our award-winning iAgent Chris Steytler

In a graceful twist of fate, Chris Steytler, an ex-ballet dancer, pirouetted from the world of dance into real estate, captivating the South African property market with his impeccable sense of rhythm and finesse. Chris’s three-decade journey is marked by several accolades, most notably being named “Agent of the Year 2022” at Meridian Realty. We sat down with him to hear his story.

In the wake of an unfortunate injury which ended his thriving ballet career, Chris found himself naturally gravitating towards real estate. This transition was not abrupt; his deep-seated fascination for the property market dates back to when he was just 18, the age at which he acquired his first property, foreshadowing the remarkable career that lay ahead. His career took off in the scenic Tokai area of Cape Town where he swiftly earned a reputation as a young, dedicated full-time estate agent. Steytler’s ballet background was instrumental in his real estate success. “Always a leap ahead,” he proclaims, reflecting on how his love for networking from his dancing days proved useful in his real estate career. He was a pioneer, bringing personal branding to the real estate realm in South Africa, a practice that still underscores his work. He explains, “Personal branding has always been at the core of my career, and it has made a significant impact on my journey to success.” His work took him across the Western Cape, even to the quaint village of McGregor, which is still one of his focus areas to this day. He now also works in the bustling Robertson area, relishing the fast-paced property market and the tight-knit community spirit.

Chris’s accolades are a testament to his unwavering dedication and industry acumen. Besides his latest achievement as the “Agent of the Year 2022” at Meridian Realty, he has received numerous awards from other agencies. These include the Master Agent award from Chas Everitt, along with top partnership Nationally for about four years in a row. While at PGP, he was honoured with the Gold Club & Gold Club Elite Award, and the Emerald Circle Award from 2014-2016, and was a finalist for the National & Regional Agent of the Year award on multiple occasions.

Steytler’s decision to join Meridian Realty was a strategic one, fuelled by the allure of The 100% Club. “It’s a strong motivator, particularly in the latter half of the year when the focus is on achieving annual targets,” he explains. The media package provided by Meridian Realty, with its top-notch marketing comprising 3D tours, professional photography, and remarkable videography, dovetailed perfectly with his emphasis on personal branding. Chris attests, “the exceptional back-office support is a game-changer. From social media to brochures, the professionalism I receive from Meridian is incomparable”. The efficacy of these tools became particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Chris successfully selling properties ‘sight unseen’ thanks to Meridian’s innovative techniques.

For Chris, being an iAgent at Meridian Realty is more than just a job—it’s part of his DNA. “I am constantly inspired to strive, to do more, to be the best in my career,” he affirms, reflecting his commitment to the industry. His love for the people-centric nature of the business and the process of matching clients to their dream homes resonates with his pursuit of precision and excellence.

Chris Steytler’s journey, punctuated by hard work, innovation, and passion, is an inspiring testament to what it means to be an iAgent at Meridian Realty. It’s not just about selling properties; it’s about making your dreams come true. Join the Meridian Realty family and enjoy the benefits of The 100% Club.

Stand out, innovate, and dance to your rhythm of success, just like Chris: #MakeTheChoice

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