Meet one of our iAgents: Letitia Willemse

We’ve sat down with our iAgents to showcase their talents and give you an idea of what it means to be part of our award-winning team.

Meet Letitia Willemse, an iAgent at Meridian Realty and an active member of the Kuilsrivier community.

Letitia decided to pursue a real estate career because it offers more freedom and allows her to spend more time with her family. “I considered all my options and chose to become part of Meridian Realty because I personally identify with their high service delivery standards,” she explains.

As a Meridian iAgent, Letitia can still access the freedom she was seeking while having access to an exceptional support network.

Meridian’s CRM system, Meridian Connect, has optimised her day-to-day administrative tasks, and helps her stay in touch with her clients. She also appreciates the excellent reward systems as she can earn up to 100% commission and be part of the 100% club.

“The support network of people was a ‘wow factor’ for me, and I love the fact that I have access to professional photography, videography, and marketing services, as well as a team of expert virtual private assistants to assist with all my listings.”

Letitia explains that one of the most important tools that gave her the freedom to spend more time with and focus on her clients is the graphic design assistance that takes care of all of her requests, whether it be a social media post or designs for her clients gifts. Meridian’s high standards and award-winning services inspire Letitia in her day-to-day life, and her personal values of ethical communication as well as her passion for people align with the company’s high standards.

“Building long-standing connections is an integral part of working with people, and thanks to the high standards of service offered by Meridian, it is easy to maintain strong relationships with my clients,” explains Letitia.

It also gives her more time to spend on the things she loves like spending time outdoors, going camping, and visiting wildlife parks. She is also interested in fashion as well as knitting, occasionally making her own clothes.

“Thanks to Meridian I can have a career and an active community life. I am involved with the neighbourhood watch, reviving the town’s public gardens, and community projects with local schools. I love working in the Kuilsrivier area because my local community is very important to me, and I enjoy being part of a ‘people’s person’ society.”

Letitia is passionate about spending time with her clients, celebrates their birthdays and enjoys having personal relationships with them. People have been at the heart of what Letitia has been doing since 1994, and she believes that her passion for ethical communication and nurturing relationships is her secret to success.

Letitia’s journey as an iAgent at Meridian Realty is a testament to the company’s exceptional support network, enabling her to have the freedom to spend more time with her family while also providing exceptional service to her clients. As Letitia says, this is a team she can “go the extra mile with.”

If you’re considering becoming an iAgent, Letitia’s personal journey highlights the many benefits of partnering with Meridian Realty. With access to a supportive network, exceptional rewards systems, and professional services, Meridian Realty empowers its agents to provide exceptional service to their clients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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