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The Imibala Trust

Meridian Realty proudly supports

The Imibala Trust

The Imibala Trust is a registered South African NPO which works with children of school-age whose lives are affected by impoverished circumstances. The Trust provides a unique platform through which they offer programmes that make a substantial and measurable difference in the daily and future lives of the children. The programmes they offer instil a sense of excellence in the children and helps them prepare for productive lives after school. All children, regardless of race or creed, are assisted through these programmes.

The flagship programme which affects the largest number of children annually is the Sponsor-a-Child programme.  The effects of persistent poverty continue to compromise children’s futures and hamper their dignity, safety and ability to thrive in the school system.

After every registered transaction Meridian Realty donates a portion of their commission to the Imibala Trust, which goes towards the Sponsor-a-Child programme.  By choosing Meridian Realty as your partner in property you enable us to give back to the community and to help restore dignity in the lives of impoverished children

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Sponsoring a child will ensure

that each child receives