iAgent Benefits


The Power of Independence

More opportunities than ever before

Design Your Destiny – Meridian Realty’s iAgent program offers you the freedom to independently create your own professional journey as an agent.

Minimal Admin, Maximum Focus

Spend your time where it matters most

As an iAgent

Your time is spent where it matters most

With our support you will have more time to spend on income-generating activities like listing properties, networking, and serving clients. We shift the administrative tasks to our dedicated support staff, freeing you up to excel in your field and enjoy life outside of your career.

Entrepreneurial Autonomy

We believe in the power of autonomy

You negotiate your commission on every transaction. At Meridian Realty, your hard work belongs solely to you, and we don’t determine minimum commission percentages. Your earnings reflect your efforts.

Flexible Workplace

Embrace flexibility with our innovative virtual office environment

Our technological focus enables collaboration and learning, irrespective of your location. Work when and where it suits you, breaking away from traditional office-bound constraints.

Boundless Opportunities

Geographical boundaries are a thing of the past

There are no area restrictions with Meridian Realty, geographical boundaries are a thing of the past. You have the liberty to work wherever your clients need you.

Meridian iAgent working on mobile device

Freedom of Trade

We respect your professional freedom

If you ever choose to end your partnership with Meridian Realty, you can continue working as a Property Practitioner without any restraint of trade.

Your Career, Your Terms

Meridian Realty equips you with the tools necessary to build a successful personal brand. As an iAgent, you enjoy unparalleled freedom in how you work. No set office hours. No obligatory show days or weekly meetings. You set your own targets, shaping your business on your terms.