iAgent Benefits

The 100% Club

Earn what you truly deserve

With the 100% Club

The reward system that lets you keep 100% of your commission once you reach your CAP.
As a Meridian Realty iAgent, your hard work is wholly rewarded, enabling you to bring home every cent you’ve earned.
100% Club

At Meridian Realty

We put our agents first

Crafting opportunities that empower you to build a robust brand and skyrocket your career.

Our 100% Club takes this a step further

Allowing you to retain the full commission for the rest of the year once you’ve earned a gross commission of R750,000 in a 12-month cycle.

Before reaching your CAP

iAgents retain a 70% share of their commission, while Meridian Realty receives a commission share up to R225,000 (excluding VAT) per 12-month capping cycle.

Once you cross the CAP threshold

You join the prestigious 100% Club, and your earnings become wholly yours.

More than "good enough"

At Meridian Realty, we believe that 'good enough' isn't enough

You should benefit fully from your hard work, and that’s what our 100% Club ensures. Join the Meridian Realty family today and let us help you grow your business to new heights.

Unlock your potential