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Hi, I’m Jacques Groenewald

A passionate, family-orientated iAgent and a committed member of my community

Navigating people’s property journeys is my passion and family is at the heart of everything I do. I started as a real estate agent because I enjoyed working with people and solving problems. Now, with the freedom and support of Meridian Realty, I am shaping my success and making a difference in my community.

My 100% Club Success

Opportunity of a lifetime

Meridian Realty helps me build my brand as an iAgent!

As an iAgent, Meridian Realty has given me the freedom to build my personal brand on my terms while also offering an array of professional services such as photography and marketing. This independence, coupled with an exceptional support network, empowers me to provide a high-quality service to my clients.

Achieving Work-Life Balance with Meridian Realty

Prioritising Family, Community and Business Success

With Meridian Realty, I can contribute to the evolution of my community while advancing my career. This means that even amidst a busy schedule, I find time for my loved ones and personal interests, enriching both my life and work. As an iAgent, I balance success, my family life, and community engagement with ease.

With Meridian Realty

I have unlimited access to expert services at no additional charge:

I recommend partnering with Meridian Realty because

"with Meridian Realty, I have the freedom I need, the support I appreciate, and the success I work for."

This is an ideal platform for those seeking to work independently while being part of an award-winning team. If you’re considering a career in real estate, join our team today and experience a world of opportunity, just like I did.
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Build, manage, and grow your business with Meridian Realty

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