Hello, I'm Chris Steytler.

A seasoned real estate agent from the world of dance achieving my dreams as an iAgent.

My initial footsteps into the real estate realm were laid three decades ago when I found my passion for this field. My dedication to personal branding and my passion for the real estate world has driven me towards success in this exciting industry.

My 100% Club Success

Opportunity of a lifetime

Meridian Realty helps me build my brand as an iAgent!

Meridian Realty gave me the tools to build my personal brand as a real estate agent, empowering me to strive for excellence. The 100% Club is a major driving force when I’m reaching for my targets and their back-office support, world-class marketing, as well as innovative tools have been vital for my career progression.

Achieving Career Success with iAgent

Prioritising Personal Branding and Networking

Becoming an iAgent at Meridian Realty gave me the ability to focus on building my personal brand and extend my network. This platform offers an excellent opportunity to reach your maximum potential as a real estate agent, all while enjoying the benefits of a supportive, innovative agency.

With Meridian Realty

I can create a business that enables me:

I recommend partnering with Meridian Realty

"as an iAgent, you have the opportunity to take your career to the next level"

You can enjoy the benefits of the 100% Club while you make a success of your business.
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