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In the world of real estate, exceptional service is rooted in personal relationships and a deep understanding of the community. Today, we introduce you to Jacques Groenewald, a seasoned iAgent at Meridian Realty who embodies these principles.

Having spent over 28 fruitful years in real estate, Jacques embarked on his journey with Meridian Realty, a decision that significantly shaped his career. His passion for helping people navigate their property journeys and his love for the Belville community, where he primarily operates, makes him an integral part of Meridian Realty’s award-winning team.

“I always enjoyed working with people and solving problems,” Jacques recalls of his initial foray into the industry. “Becoming a real estate agent was more than a job for me, it was a fulfilling career path that allowed me to independently shape my success.” Jacques is a firm believer in honest communication, swift problem-solving, and the power of personal relationships. “My clients trust me because they really know me, and I believe that maintaining that trust is my responsibility. I take a proactive role in ensuring their property sales are successful,” he says. This approach is deeply rooted in his mantra: “No excuses, only results“.

Jacques chose to become an iAgent at Meridian Realty for the independence it provided. He relished the idea of being an independent agent, working under the umbrella of a well-established brand. “Meridian Realty provided the best of both worlds – the freedom to navigate my own business and the support of a professional, understanding team,” he notes. The support offered by Meridian Realty was indeed a game-changer for Jacques. He appreciates the access to an array of professional services, from photography to marketing, enabling him to maintain his personal brand while delivering high-quality service to his clients.

The blend of professional elevation and personal branding that Meridian Realty provides, combined with the ability to work from anywhere, continually inspires him in his daily endeavours. Being deeply involved in his community and understanding its evolution over the years gives Jacques an edge in his profession. “Having spent most of my life living and specialising as a property practitioner in Belville, I have seen this area evolve tremendously and I love being part of this community. I am proud to contribute to its development through my work with Meridian Realty”, he shares.

Jacques was particularly impressed by the company’s remarkable personalised approach to his marketing needs when he first joined Meridian Realty as an iAgent. The team’s exceptional promptness and efficiency in delivering their services astonished him. He appreciates their deep understanding of his unique requirements, and that they execute each task flawlessly. From his outstanding car branding and personalised signs to professional photoshoots and bespoke marketing material, Jacques acknowledges the team’s utmost professionalism in handling every aspect of his marketing endeavours.

Even amidst his busy schedule, Jacques always finds time for his loved ones as he is a dedicated family man. In “Team Groenewald” he works closely with his wife, who he has been married to for many years, as well as his daughter, who is also part of the Meridian Realty family. When he is not connecting with his clients, busy with local roadshows and elevating his personal brand on social media he loves a good cappuccino or two while visiting local coffee shops. Being an iAgent gives Jacques the freedom to spend time doing everything he loves. 

Jacques’s journey with Meridian Realty is a testament to the company’s commitment to its agents, offering exceptional support and opportunities for personal and professional growth. He serves as an inspiration to those considering a career as an iAgent. As Jacques says, “With Meridian Realty, I have the freedom I need, the support I appreciate, and the success I work for.” If you’re considering a career in real estate, why not follow in Jacques’s footsteps and become part of the Meridian Realty family?

Join our award-winning team today at and experience a world of opportunity, just like Jacques did.


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