How to use TikTok as a real estate agent

TikTok has quickly become one of the top social media platforms, allowing its users to embrace their creativity and share their stories in a whole new way.

For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, TikTok allows its users to upload short videos directly from their smartphones, showcasing talents from lip-syncing to dancing to stand-up comedy … almost anything that will entertain an audience.

How can TikTok help a real estate agent?

Now the question you may be asking yourself is how this can help a real estate agent.

Let’s look at the two biggest reasons why now is the best time to get creative and jump onto TikTok.

1 Make an impression early on

TikTok subscribers fall primarily in the 16-24 age group – not the most active demographic in the real estate market.

But these are the people who will be stepping into the market soon; and whose name will pop up first other than the agent who connected with them on their favourite platform?

By sharing information in an entertaining manner, you’ll be able to start building a following now already, ensuring that you’re top of mind when they do enter the market and look for a familiar face they’re already comfortable with.

And even though the majority of TikTok users aren’t active in the market themselves, they are able to pass along the information you’ve shared and connect you to the older generations in their households, families, and social circles.

That said, TikTok’s user base is actively growing, with older generations quickly joining the fray, meaning that direct leads are entirely possible as well.

2 Get in on the ground floor

TikTok is your playground.

There really isn’t a lot of competition yet, so you get to carve out a niche for yourself and embrace a new way of marketing before others catch up. The best part is you get to have fun while getting leads.

And don’t make the mistake of dismissing TikTok as inappropriate too soon.

Just remember that Facebook and Instagram, the mainstream platforms for business marketing today, were also dismissed as unsuitable in their early years.

So use this early period to slip in valuable real estate information in between the general entertainment.

It’s important to remember that effective marketing on TikTok requires a clear understanding of how to optimise your content for the platform.

Head on over to our YouTube page and join Kate Laurie, Meridian Realty’s social media specialist, as she delves into the best ways to make an impact on TikTok.

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