Top 5 agent secrets: How to get more real estate listings today!

get more real estate listings

One of the best parts of being an iAgent is being able to blaze your own trail, shape your own future, and have access to tools and resources that can take your real estate career to new heights.

As an estate agent, you may have asked yourself: “How do I find new property listings?

One of the most difficult stepping stones to reaching the next level of your career is most often getting enough listings.

So how do you get more real estate listings?

Whether you are a new agent or an experienced one who has fallen into a rut, these 5 tips will help you grow your listings in no time.

1 Dive into the old address book

The first step to getting more listings is to reach out to your existing contacts … all of them.

Your personal contacts are a treasure chest of possible listings just waiting to be tapped into.

While your contacts may not be looking to enter the market themselves, through six degrees of separation, word is bound to reach an interested party.

When your address book has been depleted, it’s time to hit the old cold calls.

But instead of sticking to the script and spinning the same old story, simply chat with the person on the other end.

A good approach that avoids the feeling of a sales call, is to ask people if they know of anyone selling their homes instead of asking them if they are selling themselves.

This way, you start a narrative without simply unloading your services on a person.

2 Getting social … the old-school way

From arranging meetups to promoting local events, as an estate agent, it is important to stay connected to your community.

And participating in local events is one of the easiest ways to do this.

This often allows prospective sellers to hear your name where they wouldn’t have otherwise. These events can also be used to catch up with previous clients, even the ones you were not able to help.

As with cold calls, these events help you start a narrative that doesn’t centre on you and your client but rather a whole community of people trying to help others realise their goals.

3 Help sellers get a second chance

Reach out to the owners of For Sale by Owner listings, offering them a free valuation to help them understand the real value of their property and to showcase your expertise and insight.

The same tactic can be used to reach out to withdrawn and expired listings, helping sellers understand where they might have gone wrong and showing them how you can help them in the next round.

4 Make it an event

Open houses were “off-limits” throughout the pandemic, but now that the dust has settled, they’re slowly making their return.

The best way to benefit from the classic open house is to have pre-listing open houses where you invite neighbours to a more social affair, where you promote your services and market your property with the accompaniment of light snacks and drinks.

As with community events, these open houses are aimed primarily at getting your name out there by word of mouth – the neighbours may not need an estate agent, but they’re bound to know someone who does.

5 Steal the spotlight

Maintain an active, professional presence on social media to not only promote new listings but also to share how you add value to the sales journey.

The key here is to brush up on your personal branding techniques in order to put yourself on a different level than other agents in your area.

Most importantly, though, is to use social media to engage, not to sell.

Social media allows you to keep in touch with your community as more than a professional businessperson.

It also allows you to highlight the more personal side of the listing, connecting your audience to the story and the seller, not just the sale.

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