There’s no “I” in Estate Agent

While making a success of a career as estate agent ultimately comes down to the hard work and dedication you put into it, the journey is made a lot more enjoyable (and success more easily reachable) with a trusted team behind you. The perks of working with a team of specialists that truly understand the real estate industry allows you to work more efficiently and allows you to grow into something greater than you would’ve been able to achieve on your own.

Admin shmadmin

Life as an estate agent can get chaotic without a moment’s notice. To offer our clients the best experience possible, we often end up slaves to their schedules, on stand-by every day of the week, ready to support them on their journey whenever they need us. Over time, the commitment can wear us rather thin. When you have a team to back you up with the day-to-day tasks that usually take up your evenings, you will be able to continue giving your all, knowing that your admin is taken care of expertly by a team you know and trust.

The professional touch

Technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past decade, especially when it comes to the way we capture the world. From smart phones to drones, at times it can feel as if we have a film studio at our fingertips. What people often forget, though, is that photography and videography require an understanding of the craft that doesn’t come included with the manual. A professional photographer’s skill in capturing the essence of a home can make the difference between an average listing and an immediate eye-catcher.

Getting social with it

Who would’ve thought that taking a selfie would become such a craft? But we live in a world where sharing our lives with our friends in their absence has become a staple of our social existence. It’s understandable then that we all believe we are experts in the world of social media marketing. But professional social media marketing is a beast of a whole different sort. It’s no longer about sharing, but about capturing attention and connecting with an audience in a way that personal posting does not need to. Getting professional support will help you gain new insight into the mindset behind marketing and may even change how you approach your sales going forward.

Don’t play it close to the chest

One of the most important services that estate agents offer buyers and sellers is making them a part of the journey and not keeping in the dark once the ink on the contract has dried. But how can you keep them in the loop if you barely have the time to find out where the loop is yourself? With a professional deal tracking team’s assistance, you can stay on top of every transaction’s progress, keeping your client informed every step of the way.

If it’s not a journey, you’re doing it wrong

Both buyers and sellers want more from their estate agents than merely a middleman that brokers a business deal. They want a guide and a companion on one of the most important journeys of their lives. The time and dedication needed to live up to that expectation is not possible when your service is restricted by the confines of an estate agency that doesn’t allow you to grow. It is vital then to find an agency that speaks your language, shares your goals, and offers you the freedom to truly be there for your clients.

These are merely a handful of the benefits you can get when working with a trusted team. If you are ready to take your career as an estate agent to the next level, becoming an iAgent with Meridian Realty may be the answer for you.

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