Going “virtual” in Real Estate and what it could mean for your career

Going “virtual” in Real Estate and what it could mean for your career

More and more estate agents are ditching the office for good.  How would partnering with South Africa’s premier and most established virtual agency change your life and propel your career?

The World is going Virtual

Office expenses are no longer a necessity and if anything, the pandemic has proven we can effectively and productively work from home.

In 2013, ahead of its time, Meridian Realty made the bold decision to go “virtual”.

Today we are considered to be the premier virtual estate agency in South Africa and from our headquarters in Stellenbosch we support and partner with some of the very best estate agents across South Africa, helping them take their business to the next level.

We have seen an explosive growth in agent numbers during lockdown, and I want to share why our business model is so compelling under the new normal.

Although we are “virtual” you do not need to be tech-savvy to enjoy the benefits

We shamelessly embrace technology and harness the benefits it brings. However, we are a team of real people providing real value and support to our agents.  Some of our agents are technologically advanced, others not so much, but regardless of your tech skill level we have the people, systems and resources to help you run your businesses more efficiently.

There is an “i” in Team

We affectionately refer to our agents as iAgents.  As an iAgent you have a team of highly qualified support and marketing staff at your beck-and-call who enable you to operate far more efficiently than agents who have to go it alone.

Virtual Private Assistants

Virtual Private Assistants oversee and manage the loading of all your listings onto the website platforms.  They masterfully take care of the admin so that you can focus on more important things.

Professional photography and videos make your listings stand out

We cover every base when it comes to marketing because we truly understand the importance of presentation in effective marketing.  Every property you list will be professionally photographed and get a professional marketing video.

Virtual tour technology

As an iAgent you have access to cost-effective virtual tour technology in most of the areas that we service.

Graphic design

In order for you to truly build YOUR BRAND we have a graphic designer who takes care of your image in the most professional and eloquent way.

Social media marketing

We have a dedicated team of creatives in charge of running our social media campaigns.

It is all about the customer

Our CRM system helps you to provide the best possible customer experience to your buyers and sellers.  The system not only seamlessly matches buyers to properties within the company but is also a highly efficient communication platform that keeps your buyers and sellers updated throughout their customer journey with you.

Collaboration platform

We provide you with a powerful networking platform where you can effectively communicate with other iAgents throughout the country.


As an iAgent you have access to our easy-to-use online training platform.  We also offer regular webinars on current topics.

No area restrictions, the freedom to negotiate your own commission and no restraint of trade

You are empowered to work in any area of your choice, you have free reign when it comes to negotiating your commission, and you are not tied into any restraint of trade.

Earn 100% of the commission

You start on an 70/30 split.  Once our share of commission reaches R210 000 in a calendar year, you reach ‘CAP’ and you then literally keep 100% of your commission for the rest of the year!  No royalty fees.  No franchise fees.  Now, let that sink in!

Don’t just take my word for it

Have a look at what the agents have to say about Meridian Realty.

We are selective about our Meridian Family.

We are passionate about what we do.  We love our brand, and we aim to be the best of the best in the industry.  We are only as good as the agents who represent our company.  As such we only partner with agents who are experienced and professional and have a strong focus on customer service.  Integrity is a given.

If you want to explore our business model in more detail, or would like to apply to partner with us as an iAgent visit us at or give me a call on 082 554 5838.

Antonie Goosen

Founder, Director & Principal

Meridian Realty (since 2005)

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