9 Reasons why it is important to use an Estate Agent

During tough economic times homeowners might just be tempted to market their own property by putting up a Private Sale board in front the garden and placing an ad on a website.

However, we all know that the sale of property is a complex transaction and it’s in the best interest of homeowers to make use of a professional person with specialised skills and knowledge of the property market.

Finding a buyer for a home is simply a small part of the process.  The real work starts from the period of initial interest in their property to the final key-handover and after sale service.

Here is a list of 9 reasons why it’s beneficial to appoint a professional Estate Agent:

1. The industry has been professionalised over the last ten years

Stringent educational and regulatory requirement have to be adhered to before a person can become a fully qualified estate agent.  Intern agents are required to work under the guidance and control of either a principal estate agent, or a fully qualified estate agent that has held a valid fidelity fund certificate uninterrupted with the EAAB for a minimum of three years.  In addition to this they have to complete a logbook, work for a minimum prescribed period of 1 year under their mentor, complete their NQF Level 4 Real Estate Qualification, and pass their PDE (Professional Designation Examination) before they can be upgraded to full status agents.

In addition, full status agents have to partake in prescribed Continuous Professional Development programmes on an annual basis in order to maintain their qualification status.  The result of the above measures is that agents, on average, are a lot better educationally equipped than their counterparts a few decades ago.

2. Professional marketing makes a difference

An estate agent knows exactly how to market a property to its full potential by making use of professional photography, videos, online property portals, printed media etc…

Buyers and sellers notice the difference between amateur photos and those taken by a professional photographer with state-of-the-art equipment. Most agents realize the benefits of making use of the outstanding quality photographs, videos and 3D Matterport Tours to attract more buyers with these wow-factors.  It’s also important to write a compelling description of the property and know how to optimize the listing online to get the best ranking possible in order to attract the right buyers.

High quality images that are taken by professional photographers are offered as standard to Meridian Realty iAgents.  We offer our agents in-house Matterport Tours (in selected areas) at a fraction of the cost available in the market. You’ll see that Matterport 3D spaces are more than just 3D models or virtual tours. It is a completely new form of immersive 3D media that allows buyers to explore a property as if they were really there in person.  

3. Knowledge of legal matters

An estate agent’s main task is to take care of their client’s best interest first.  It includes advice on the transparency of any latent and patent defects as well as drawing up all the paperwork for legal requirements.

It’s much easier just to sign on the dotted line knowing that they are in good hands!

At Meridian Realty we offer full support to our iAgents by always having a branch manager and/or principal available 24/7.  We also have access to legal aid when necessary. 

  1. A skilful agent knows their local market

An estate agent who is a market leader in an area knows exactly what local buyers look for in a property.   Use your expertise to help determine the best marketing price by using any knowledge of supply and demand in the current market to your client’s advantage.

  1. Database full of potential buyers

Instead of only relying on enquiries from websites and printed media we can tap into our database of qualified buyers.  This way estate agents can conveniently group buyer viewings together to sell a house in the shortest time possible.

  1. Free marketing and 100% commitment

Agents only get paid if a property is successfully sold and all marketing costs (including petrol and communication costs) will have to be covered in advance.  Agents know how to make sure your property ad is seen by the right buyers, whether it’s local or abroad.

  1. Negotiation with the buyer

One particular advantage of using an estate agent is that negotiation is done directly with potential buyers. Most estate agents are well equipped to manage the negotiation process on behalf of all parties to make sure that everyone get the best deal possible.

  1. Driving the transaction until final registration

After an offer is finalized, most agents will assist the buyer to get their suspensive conditions met within the time allocated in the contract.  It’s important to stay in touch with the transferring attorneys to ensure that every link in the process stays on track for registration.  It’s essential to stay involved to prevent unnecessary delays in registration which could lead to unforseen costs payable.

At Meridian Realty we have a dedicated deal tracker who drives all the pending transactions to timeous transfer.  She also assists with any addendums when necessary and keeps our iAgents updated on the progress during the transfer process. 

9. Advice and guidance

Clients will have full access to any advice which will be needed to make informed decisions.  If a problem arises, estate agents are equipped to provide the best course of action as well as the guidance needed to overcome any unpredictable obstacles.

As the saying goes; ” You get what you pay for “.  The peace of mind that comes from having an estate agent taking care of all the moving parts, will not only be worth every cent but will also prevent any unnecessary costs in damages or legal fees.

At Meridian Realty we ensure that all our estate agents operate with the necessary qualification and keep track of the annual renewal of their FFC certificates.  With our regular training seminars, we make sure that our iAgents stay on top of their game and inspire them to reach the next level in their business success.

Visit our iAgent website for more information and feel free to make contact at:

079 386 4743 or [email protected]

Whatever your need – we have you covered!

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